Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop Services Device Connections (20)

Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop Services Device Connections (20)
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Providing the devices at your business with access to your Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop brings new levels of efficiency and creativity to your employees, while also giving them the ability to work better from anywhere.
At the same time, new features keep Windows Server 2016 from burdening either devices or the server itself with resource exhausting processes. This helps avoid any critical situation anywhere in the system.
With Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop, there is far more security, computing ability, and virtualization that all provides for more flexibility and adaptability for your server. With device connections, you’re able to maximize these benefits by sharing them with more of the people in your workplace.

Device Connections - CALs

Device Connections are a form of client access license, or CAL. CALs come in two forms: user and device. User CALs allow a single user to access the server from different devices, while a device CAL allows multiple users to access the server through a single device.
User CALs are recommended for companies with users likely to be working on several devices, while device CALs are recommended for companies with most users only needing access to the server through some shared devices.
This product comes with 20 Device CALs. SoftwareKeep also sells User CALs for Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop.

Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop is not included with Device Connections

This product does not include a copy of Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop. That must be purchased separately. It only includes the 20 Device Connections, or CALs.
SoftwareKeep also sells Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop.


Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop is another major leap forward in server software from Microsoft. It comes with features that make it faster, adaptable, more secure, and yet less resource intensive than its predecessors. Among the many improvements, some of the most crucial are:

  • Access from device anywhere in the world - As the name “remote desktop” would suggest, the Windows Server 2016 provides devices that access it with the ability to work anywhere in the world where an internet connection is available. This is valuable for many reasons, including access to all necessary data, documents, and programs for those who are outside the office, and therefore, the ability to work in non-traditional environments. That means, workers can stay connected whether in the office, at home, at a conference, or on vacation.
  • More server memory - Keeping everyone connected at all times and from anywhere means a lot of data needs to be saved on the server. Microsoft has provided a major boost to the Windows Server 2016 in this respect over the 2012 editions. Where the 2012 R2 server provided only 4 TBs physical memory per server, 2016 offers an incredible 24 TBs. The same applies with virtual machine memory support. Where 2012 only provided 1 TB, 2016 provides 12 TBs. With so much more memory, far more complex programs can be run and far more data processing and business analysis can be performed and saved, leading to new levels of efficiency.
  • Numerous new security features - One of the biggest improvements on Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop is on the security front. Among the biggest changes are:
    • Windows Defender - A program that guards the whole server against malware. It can be regularly updated to make sure all the latest malware attacks are repelled.
    • Credential Guard - Make sure data is only seen by those who should see it with Credential Guard. This isolates chosen data and makes sure only privileged system software can access it.
    • Remote Credential Guard - Similar to Credential Guard, Remote Credential Guard ensures that all data on a device remains on the device and is not shared with the server.
  • Containers - Containers provide another level of security, while also making it easier to spread new solutions around the network quickly. Containers allow programs to be tested and developed in isolation from the rest of the server (and from devices connected to it. In isolation, errors can be corrected quickly without affecting the rest of the server. There are two kinds of containers in Windows Server 2016:
    • • Windows Server Containers
    • • Haper-V Isolation Containers
    The latter, in particular, is truly isolated, and allows for working with untrusted or hostile applications.
  • Shielded Virtual Machine - A further level of protection comes with the Shielded Virtual Machine, this time with virtual machines run on Hyper-V. Host Guardian Secure, which runs the Shielded Virtual Machine, allows for safe attestation and key protection. New levels of encryption have also been added, as well as, tools to run thorough diagnostics in PowerShell that will help track down any errors. Finally, should errors be found, a recovery environment is provided for troubleshooting.
  • Nano - With Nano, a lot of your server processing can be moved offsite. Nano is a remote operating system, and using it helps ease the requirements to run large programs. Nano has resulted in 93% lower virtual hard disk size, 92% fewer critical security advisories, and 80% fewer required reboots.
  • New storage features - Memory storage has also seen a lot of the fruits of Microsoft innovation in the Windows Server 2016 edition. Among the most useful are:
    • Storage Replica - Using both synchronous and asynchronous replication, Storage Replica helps guarantee zero data loss during the disaster recovery process.
    • Storage Quality of Service - Monitor the storage performance of all your virtual machines with Storage Quality of Service. You can also rest assured that no virtual machine takes up all the server resources, since Storage Quality of Service automatically guards against this.
  • Control Flow Guard - With Control Flow Guard, your files will be more resistant to corruption than before.

With better security, more computing power, and huge breakthroughs in virtualization, Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop will be a major upgrade for your business. It improves efficiency while providing greater control over your data than ever before. With 20 device connections, you’ll be able to share all the benefits of Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop with even more of your business.

System Requirements

These are minimum system requirements for installing Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop Services Device Connections (20)

  • Processor: 1.4 GHz 64-bit processor
  • RAM: 2 GB at minimum
  • Storage Capacity: 32 GB at minimum

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Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop Services Device Connections (20)

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