Windows Server 2012 Remote Desktop Services (Device Cal)

Windows Server 2012 Remote Desktop Services (Device Cal)
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Device CALs for Windows Server 2012 Remote Desktop allow a business to communicate and integrate work and ideas like never before. By allowing devices to connect from anywhere to a single, centralized place for all the necessary data and applications, workers can perform work anywhere while sharing and collaborating with the same materials to maximize efficiency.

Windows Server 2012 Remote Desktop offers brand new features that make it easier to set up, connect, and use remote desktops than ever before. With a device CAL for Windows Server 2012, your device can begin using your company’s server in moments.

This is not a Remote Desktop Server License

It is important to note that a device CAL does not provide a business with Windows Server 2012 Remote Desktop. The server software and license must be purchased separately and already installed. Instead, this allows access to an already licensed edition of the server. To purchase the Windows Sever 2012 Remote Desktop software and license, click here.


Device CAL

To access your already installed and licensed Windows Server 2012 Remote Desktop, there are two licensing options: either user CALs or device CALs. Choosing a device CAL is ideal for businesses that have multiple employees that work from the same set of devices. Each device, therefore, requires only one CAL, saving the business money. This device does not necessarily have to remain in any particular place. In fact, it can travel with the user anywhere and continue to get all the benefits of the server.

Remote Desktop Uses

The benefits of a remote desktop are numerous. There is a reason they remain an important tool for businesses large and small across the world. Among the most useful features are:

  • • Centralized information - All data is stored in one location, allowing everyone to have access to the same information. This increases the ability to collaborate and work remotely, while it decreases the chances of miscommunication and mistakes made with conflicting data.
  • • Simplify updates - Save your business time and money by updating applications and security features from the server instead of with individual computers.
  • • Store more for less - Servers can allow for larger amounts of data to be stored for a much lower cost. With documents saved on the remote desktop, individual computers have more free memory, and therefore work more efficiently. With the vast amount of space available on the remote desktop, the need for secondary saving devices like USBs and hard drives disappears.

Benefits of Windows Server 2012 Remote Desktop

Beyond the general benefits found in using a remote desktop, there are many specific improvements made by Windows Server 2012 Remote Desktop that recommend it to businesses. Those include:

  • Improved connection for remote devices - Forget your fears of an easily dropped connection to the remote server with new updates to help ensure the connection remains strong.
  • Easy, one-time sign in - Windows Server 2012 removes the need to perform multiple sign ins. Now, a single use of credentials when joining the server is possible.
  • Pooled desktops, but with personalization - Windows Server 2012 allows for many devices to be run as a single entity, thus saving on cost and reducing the difficulty of supporting so many devices. At the same time, this edition of the Windows Server also offers new levels of user personalization through the User Profile Disk, which keeps track of an individual user’s documents and settings.
  • Resource use monitor - A single user is not able to use an undue amount of resources on the server. Windows Server 2012 monitors all devices to make sure no device negatively affects the experience of any other.
  • Reduced bandwidth for media streaming - Media can now be streamed more efficiently, with up to a 90% reduction in bandwidth.
  • Remote multi-touch options added - Users can now connect devices that have a touchscreen and can still navigate the server. This includes remote apps that allow for touch-based features.
  • Graphics and networks fit for each device - Individual devices will automatically be connected to the optimal codecs for graphics and the right network without having to either struggle with a one-size-fits-all remote desktop or make manual changes.
  • Simplified server management - Previous editions of Windows Server required multiple interfaces to successfully run the server. Now, all of those have been combined, so the entire Windows Server 2012 can be run through a single management interface. This allows for monitoring, configuring, and management to be controlled in a more streamlined fashion throughout the entire process.
  • New scenario-focused wizard - Much of the complexity of setting up a remote desktop has been removed with a wizard that now walks you through the process of creating a complete remote desktop server. This can be configured for one or multiple servers.
  • New automation through PowerShell - All functions within the remote desktop can be controlled and tweaked through PowerShell automation. This can create automation based on the needs of your business, including if your devices use multiple operating systems (such as MacOS, Linux, and Windows). PowerShell is open source to allow for individual changes by server administrators.
  • RemoteFX supports DirectX 11 - This upgrade allows for more advanced multimedia usage.

With new automations, personalization, customizations, and time and energy saving features, Windows Server 2012 is an ideal upgrade for businesses looking to get more from their servers. Getting a device CAL allows you to enjoy all the benefits of Windows Server 2012 Remote Desktop.

System Requirements

These are minimum system requirements for installing Windows Server 2012 Remote Desktop Services (Device Cal)

A device CAL or user CAL is required to access any Windows Server.

  • To run Windows Server 2012 Remote Desktop, your computer must be using a 64-bit processor with at least 1.4 GHz processing power, 512 MB memory, and 32 GB free disk space.
  • Windows Server 2012 Remote Desktop does not support Itanium.

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Windows Server 2012 Remote Desktop Services (Device Cal)

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