Trend Micro Titatnium Internet Security (3 Pc / 1 Year)

Trend Micro Titatnium Internet Security (3 Pc / 1 Year)
Brand: Trend Micro

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Trend Micro has remained at the forefront of computer security for decades, and Titanium Internet Security has been one of their finest products. The features address every part of computer security that concerns a family. There are ways to keep children safe when surfing the net, ways to keep email secure and remove spam, ways to guard against clicking the wrong link or downloading the wrong file. And, of course, there are features that address all the malware and other direct threats out there.

It is the perfect option for a family looking for comprehensive protection at an affordable price.

Who is Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security for?

Titanium Internet Security is for families that want a lot of security without the burden of a lot of intrusive features or the requirement of a lot of technical knowledge.


The features found in Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security are all designed to make it easy to provide effective and expansive coverage for your entire family in all the different areas of online and computer activity most likely to affect you. Some of the most important features include:

  • More protection than ever before - With Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security, your computer gets more than coverage against popular viruses. Your PC is also safe from spyware, worms, trojans, and bots. The Trend Micro AV Cleaner will also get rid of any malware you might have downloaded that appeared to be an antivirus, providing your computer with a clean slate.
  • Provide computer security for the whole family - Don’t just settle for a solution that’s good for one computer, get all your computers protected and protected under the same umbrella program. That way, you’ll always know all the threats that affect all your computers and won’t accidentally allow something in through one unprotected computer.
  • Automatically stops threats before they reach you - Trend Micro is so advanced, it makes sure viruses and their ilk never even reach your computer, so no possible damage can be done. This can be an important feature because of the risk of accidentally opening or installing a dangerous file. Trend Micro removes this potential risk to help avoid any mistakes.
  • Easy to use - One of the great benefits of Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security is how easy it is to use. It requires no technical knowledge, and all the complex operations are done behind the scenes. The layout is simple, and you can navigate it easily. You also have the opportunity to personalize your settings and even add photos or images to Titanium.
  • Safer surfing for the kids - With family computers, one of the biggest worries is always about the children. Trend Micro adds new levels of protection just for them, with quality parental controls as well as the ability to schedule when children are allowed on the internet.
  • Blocks spam - If you are plagued by spam emails, Trend Micro can eliminate them. Once again, as with many threats, you will never even see the spam. It will be removed for you. That way, you can be confident all the emails in your inbox are legitimate.
  • Blocks malicious links and more in emails - Beyond just blocking spam in your inbox, Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security will also block bad links and images that might have made their way into emails. This will protect you from accidentally clicking on a link that could lead to your computer getting infected. You can now click links with more confidence.
  • Protects against bad downloads and bad websites - Just like with links, if a download or a website is bad, Trend Micro will protect you against it. Downloads will be removed that have malware inside them, and websites that host malware won’t be accessible, making it almost impossible to accidentally go where your computer can get infected.
  • Lets you backup important data - Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security doesn’t just protect your data on your computer, it gives you cloud space to back up your most important files. That way, no matter what happens, you won’t ever lose those family photos and videos, or personal and professional documents that are most important to you.
  • No pop-ups - Some internet security programs make a point of constantly telling you they are working. While this might at first seem reassuring, over time, it mostly just impedes your ability to work on your computer effectively. Trend Micro has removed pop-ups so that you can enjoy your computing experience without interruption.
  • Takes less space than other security programs - As you can see from the system requirements below, Trend Micro takes up less space on your computer than most well-known security programs. By taking up less space, it keeps your computer functioning at a higher level, which will keep it from lagging.
  • Provides support for Mac - Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security also has features that can be used to keep the Macs in your family secure.

If your major concerns are to feel safe doing basic home computing like shopping online or feel safe trusting the computer to your children, Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security is the perfect option. It is easy to use, takes up very little space, and yet offers a comprehensive set of security features to keep all the computers (plus phones and tablets) safe from all the threats that lurk online.

System Requirements

These are minimum system requirements for installing Trend Micro Titatnium Internet Security (3 Pc / 1 Year)

System requirements for Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security depend on the Windows operating system you are using.

For Windows 7
  • Processor: 800 MHz minimum. 1 GHz recommended
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Available Disk Space: 400 MB
For Windows Vista
  • Processor: 800 MHz minimum. 1 GHz recommended
  • RAM: 512 MB minimum. 1 GB recommended
  • Available Disk Space: 400 MB
For Windows XP
  • Processor: 350 MHz minimum. 800 MHz recommended
  • RAM: 256 MB minimum. 512 MB recommended
  • Available Disk Space: 400 MB

Operating systems more recent than Windows 7 may require a more advanced version of Trend Micro.

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Trend Micro Titatnium Internet Security (3 Pc / 1 Year)

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