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We Beat Our Own Discounts

When you come to our site, you know what you’re going to get. It’s posted all over the place: the best prices on all our software. We make this such a priority that we have made it a guarantee. No one is ever going to beat our price on the same product. That’s great news for our customers, who know they can come here and shop with confidence. They know they can find the software they need and that the price on the page is the best they’ll find anywhere.

We’re proud that we can provide our customers with that confidence, but we want to provide our customers with even more cost saving. That’s why we created our special deals page, where you can find even bigger discounts to all of our products. Whether you’re looking to get a package of programs together or you just want to see what great products we can find to charge even less, we’ve got some incredible offers on this page that you really won’t want to walk away from.

Why We Provide Special Deals

The first question we often get when people see our Special Deals page is, “…why?” After all, we already have a reputation for great prices and great software. What do we get from this? If we’re honest, we do get a little bit out of these deals. Most importantly, we get to prove to our customers that we are the real deal, and these deals of ours are the real deal. We prove on a more dynamic level that we are looking to provide our customers the best deal at all times.

That kind of trust is something that can’t be bought these days. Our customers know that we are always looking for ways to give them a better price than they’ll find anywhere else. That trust means we know our customers are coming back for their next purchase. We’re willing to cut our prices to show more customers that we’re the best place to visit any and every time they need software.

There’s another reason we like to provide these deals. We know not every customer has all the money in the world to buy the software they need. The high markup many sites provide on software can price out these customers. We want to welcome all customers to our site, even those who have to pinch their pennies to get the programs they need. By placing select programs on special deal discount, we can help level the field and make sure even those bargain-hunting customers can gain access to the best software out there.

How We Can Provide Special Deals

With our prices already so low, it’s a mystery to somehow, we can find other ways to cut our prices. There’s a lot of different ways we make it possible to provide so many special deals. Sometimes, we receive a big discount higher up the chain that we then forward on to the customer (as opposed to many other sites, that just keep the extra income for themselves). With combo packages, we are able to cut a little from every product in order to provide an overall better price for the customer.

There are also times when we simply are willing to lose money for one reason or another if it means getting more customers to be interested in a particular software product. As you can see, we have plenty of ways to cut our already low prices lower. And that’s just the beginning. Suffice to say, we find the means because we want to be the low-price site, the top destination for every customer looking for the best deal on their software.

What You Get in a Special Deal

Now we enter into what customers like to call “the catch.” There must be something, the thinking goes, that is missing, otherwise we wouldn’t offer such low prices. The truth is, though, there’s no catch to our special deals. Every customer who purchases a Special Deal product or products will get the full version of every product. There are no demos, no shortcuts, no older editions.

If you purchase an incredibly low-priced Microsoft Office 2016 Home & Student edition on our Deals of the Week page, you get the full version of the Office suite with all the programs advertised. The only thing that changes is the price.

Our Guarantee: These Products Are Authentic and They Work

Let’s talk a little more about this suspicion of a “catch” in such low-price offers. Truth be told, we’ve had a lot of customers contact us with suspicions about our Special Deal discounts. “There’s something wrong, right? That’s why you’ve cut the price?”

This is the sort of cynicism that develops from years of people going to bad websites and getting burnt by deals that seem too good to be true. We’re trying to fight that cynicism, and a big part of that is our guarantee that our products all work. These deals may be better than anything else you’ll find on our site, but the products work just the same as everything else we sell. This isn’t a day-old bread discount. We guarantee these products download just as quickly, install just as easily, and work just as effectively as everything else we sell.

We back this guarantee up with another one. Just like all our other software, if your new programs don’t work, we’ll give you a refund. We’re not in the business of cheating our customers. As we said above, we want to provide these discounts so you know you can come back to us and always get the best price out there. If we have to cut into our own profits to prove that to you, we’re happy to do it. There’s no scam here, no risk. These programs work, they’re just insanely cheap.

What Makes Our Deals Stand Out?

Why come here for a special deal when other sites advertise the same thing? There’s a couple reasons for that. First, the deals here are just going to be better. Since we already keep our prices so low, any extra discount is just going to be unbeatable. We’re already so far ahead in the price-cutting business, there’s no way anyone is going to catch up when we’re discounting our discounts.

The second reason is you just don’t know if you can trust another site. We are certified resellers for every company whose products we sell. As we just pointed out above, we only sell authentic software. With us, you know your purchase is real and the price is the best. No one else can provide you with that.

What Sort of Products Can Be Put on Special Deals?

To answer this directly: any product. Or rather, any software product. Our services are kept separate from the Special Deals page because they are only tangentially related. However, every other product can appear on any and every Special Deal page.

How do we determine which ones go up and which ones come down? That’s something we’ll have to keep to ourselves, but you can be sure that if you check in with us often enough, you’ll find just about every product on Special Deal discount sooner or later.

That’s all the more reason to keep visiting us. If you have your eye on a particular antivirus but you’re hoping for a little extra off. Check in every week and see if it ends up with that extra discount to make it affordable.

The Types of Special Deals

After all that preface, it’s time to talk about our Special Deals. We break our Special Deals into three distinct categories, each one with their own separate offers and their own separate schedules.

  • Combos: Everything You Need in a Single Discount Purchase — The first and perhaps our most popular category is our Combo packages. The Combo category is where you’ll find software programs bundled together. These bundles are not created randomly. Instead, we assemble a set of programs that should attract a wide variety of customers. These combos start with two pieces of software and expand from there. They might include, for instance, an operating system and a version of Microsoft Office. Or, they might include Microsoft Office and another more advanced and particularly prized Microsoft program, such as Visio or Publisher. Many Combo Special Deals also include the USB backup for all software, giving customers the security of holding onto their software in physical form no matter what else happens.

    Each combo offer comes with a specific idea in mind that might be particularly attractive to our customers. We may design a package that is great for those looking to install all the latest products on their new device. Or, we may create the perfect combo for a customer heading off to college who is in need of Office Home & Student and an excellent antivirus.

    No matter what combination our combo has, we never throw in programs and products that the customer wouldn’t want. We make every effort to make sure every program is certain to be useful, so that the deal really is optimal. By throwing so many products together, we’re able to create a bulk option that allows us to lower the price, making these deals particularly outstanding.

  • Deals of the Week: All Our Best Price Slashing, with New Options Every Week —The other two categories for our Special Deals both revolve around a time frame. The first category is our Deals of the Week. These are products we want to highlight with specially lowered prices just for that week. Because the deals are so good, we can’t let them go on for too long. Basically, if you see a deal you like here, get it now because it probably won’t be here when you get back.

    How we choose our Deals of the Week depends on a number of factors, but the main point is, these are probably the best deals on the whole site. They can include any software as well, so if you visit the site, be sure to visit that page first to see if what you’re looking for is even cheaper than you thought.

  • Deals of the Month: Decide Each Month Which Product You Want for an Absurdly Low Price — The Deals of the Month round out our Special Deals categories. These are also excellent deals, although they’re just a little less hot than the Deals of the Week. These products are still set at phenomenal prices that we set to completely clear us out of that software product. We make every effort to create in this category a diverse set of options that can attract a wide range of customers and provide solutions for a vast number of needs. You’ll often find an antivirus, an individual Microsoft program, a Windows operating system, and a Microsoft Office suite among the choices.

Don’t See the Deal You’re Looking for? Here’s What You Can Do

So, you got all excited, you clicked through the Special Deals, and you didn’t find the product you were looking for. What do you do? The first thing you should do is recognize that even our products that aren’t currently on extra discount are already set at the lowest price anywhere, guaranteed. That means you still won’t go wrong finding the product elsewhere on our site and purchasing it there.

An alternative option is to wait a bit and see if the product goes on discount soon. While most software needs are pretty immediate, if you can wait a week or a month to see if your product gets a new discount, go ahead and wait. You can always come back and get it for the regular low price. If you really want to see a particular product on discount, or if you can’t find a particular product on our site that you’re looking for, please contact us and tell us.

We can be contacted any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have a customer service team always ready to listen to your requests. You can contact us by clicking the Chat button on our site or call us.