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Word and Office’s unavailability on MacOS has long gotten in the way of consumers who want to buy a Mac over a PC, but this has changed as Microsoft has recently made Word available on the Apple’s computers. To find out more on what Microsoft Word has to offer, read below.

The Most Advanced Software

Word 2016 is the most current version of the program. It contains all the classic Word features, such as the “ribbon” which helps you search for commands.

Despite the software being well-known, this certainly isn’t your usual upgrade. Word 2016 comes with dozens of new features, like the new Tell Me widget which searches for commands by text rather than poking through the ribbon. Insights, Word’s new smart search, examines your documents and the web just by right-clicking a word.

Word 2016 is also cloud connected, making saving and archiving documents easy.

You will also have access to new ways to collaborate with OneDrive, like the ability to work on a document with coworkers in real time.

The Best Way to Purchase Microsoft Word for Mac

You have several choices if you want to buy Microsoft Word for Mac. You can purchase the program individually, although this is not recommended as it is more cost-effective to buy an Office for Mac suite, which contains useful Microsoft programs.

The various suites available for Mac are offered in two versions: offline Office 2016 and Office 365. The Office 2016 packages are a one-time purchase for one computer and can be bought in physical form or downloaded. Office 365, however, is subscription-dependent and needs a monthly or yearly fee. The subscription has many advantages, chief among them the software remaining updated for as long as you continue your subscription.

The Office 2016 for Mac suites include:

  • Home & Student: This suite includes the common Microsoft programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.
  • Home & Business: This suite includes those programs and also includes Outlook email.

The best Office 365 subscriptions for individual purchase are:

  • Personal: All the prominent Microsoft Office software, Outlook, 1 Terabyte on OneDrive and 60 minutes per month on Skype, usable on just one computer.
  • Home: The same as Personal, but adds download capabilities for multiple devices.
  • Business: Similar to the Home package, targeted for businesses.

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