Microsoft Office 2016 Home & Student 2016 Pc Download.

Microsoft Office 2016 Home & Student 2016 Pc Download.
Microsoft Office is a suite of desktop productivity applications

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Microsoft Office has been evolving for the past few years. Microsoft has been slanted towards enhancing user experience with each update. The arrival of Microsoft Office 2016 had a lot of hype surrounding the product. Fortunately, it has lived up to its hype. The components presently incorporated in Microsoft Office 2016 Home and Student for Windows are:

  • Microsoft Office Word 2016
  • Microsoft Office Powerpoint 2016
  • Microsoft Office Excel 2016
  • Microsoft Office Access 2016
  • Microsoft Office Publisher 2016
  • Microsoft Office Visio 2016
  • Microsoft Office OneNote 2016

Microsoft takes great care of the previous shortcomings as they add many features to the existing pack of applications assuring outstanding performance.


What Do You Acquire With Microsoft Office 2016 Home and Student for Windows?

The rundown of attributes attached to Microsoft Office 2016 is impressive. Have a detailed look at the most striking features of the software:

  • Microsoft Office Word 2016: The additional features included in Microsoft Office Word highlight the conversion feature. The user can create a Word document and convert it to a PDF file while saving the document. Also, the read mode allows disturbance-free view of the document. Smart Lookup can be used to get information concerning any selected word in the document. The Editor attribute adds the grammar checking feature and spellchecker back to Word. Despite the new additions, Ink Editor steals away the limelight from other features. It gives users a chance to scribble over the document. The feature can turn out to be very helpful while reviewing documents.
  • Microsoft Office Powerpoint 2016: Like Word 2016, Powerpoint 2016 also has the Smart Lookup feature attached to its name. Many new features are added in this edition of Powerpoint 2016, in particular, Zoom and Digital Ruler. Various new transitions are added to the software as well. Ink Replay is an Ink Editor enlivened variant which allows users to draw notes and shapes to customise rewinding and fast forwarding of slides. You can also record the entire slideshow with a voiceover. We find it worth mentioning that the interface of Powerpoint 2016 is way considerably more benevolent this time around. You’ll completely fall in love with it.
  • Microsoft Office Outlook 2016: Outlook 2016’s interface is impressive as well. The smart interface has a new feature which displays the list of recent files when a user decides to add an attachment with an email. It is a time saving efficient feature. The interface is fueled with a responsive design which adjusts its size depending on the workspace. Calendars are enhanced as well to increase their functionality. ‘MyAnalytics’ feature gives users the knowledge of what documents they have in common with other contacts.
  • Microsoft Office Excel 2016: Undoubtedly, Excel 2016 has been the best bet of all the services included in the pack. It has got some abundantly required changes which can please many accountants. New charts are integrated with Excel 2016 to provide additional customizable options to users. Moreover, the data analysis tools have been improved too. You can get every necessary tool with the Home edition. Actually, Excel 2016 entirely centres towards enhancing the customization sector. The smart interface automatically finds times and dates in addition to spot the relationship between multiples tables. This allows swift grouping of data.
  • Cloud Technology: With the aid of OneDrive, the user can store documents, photos and videos. An individual can create, save, edit and share documents via Microsoft Office. However, a secure cloud technology like OneDrive helps in overseeing records of documents efficiently.
  • Other Features: Publisher, Visio and Access have their share of say regarding enhancements as well. Visio 2016 has been characterised with diagrams similar to Excel 2016 alongside some minor customizations in the interface to make it easier to browse through tools. Some new themes are added to Publisher 2016. Now you can easily import data from Excel with the aid of Linked Table Manager in Access 2016. Likewise, OneNote has seen some advancements in its working. The application starts with a Quick Note on display by default. Some customizations are made in the notification tray as well.

Why Consider Buying Microsoft Office 2016 Home and Student for Windows?

With a brand like Microsoft associated with the product, it is quite obvious that the software has high demands and expectations laying on its shoulders. Have a look at the points which make Microsoft Office 2016 Home and Student a must have product:

  • Bringing Smiles Everywhere: Home and Student edition of Microsoft Office 2017 is being appreciated for its adaptability and time-saving abilities. The software has been received well by the audience. Some of them even term it as the best version of Microsoft Office.
  • Value for Money: Every Microsoft product is powered with valuable products. The features account for the price tag attached to the product. With so many tools and attributes, the product provides a value for money option to people.
  • Authenticity: The authenticity of a brand like Microsoft is enough for gaining the interest of people. The support offered by Microsoft in addition to monthly updates, Microsoft Office 2016 is a highly reliable software to use.

System Requirements

These are minimum system requirements for installing Microsoft Office 2016 Home & Student 2016 Pc Download.

Is your Windows PC good enough for supporting the working of Microsoft Office 2016? Check the system requirements and compare them with your device accordingly:

  • CPU: 1GHz or faster 32/64 bit processor with SSE2
  • Operating System: Windows 7 [or higher], Windows Server 2008 RS, Windows Server 2012
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM (for 32 bit); 2 GB RAM (for 64 bit)
  • Hard Disk Space: 3 GB
  • Display: 1024 x 576 Resolutions [or higher]
  • Graphics: DirectX 10 Graphics Card
  • Additional Requirements: Secure Internet Connection

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Microsoft Office 2016 Home & Student 2016 Pc Download.

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